Heart Dancing – It’s the Only Way to Live!

The Magic of Learning How to See

Are you over 50 and still love birthdays? Then you are in the minority.

Most people experience a major shift in their beliefs about getting older. A 5 year old looks at birthdays with a lot more excitement than a 50 year old.

Does it have to be that way? Not when you discover the magic of learning how to see – really see your life, without old, limiting filters or beliefs.

How can that be possible? I created a process called Story Alchemy, and it can change the limiting stories about your past from lead to gold.

2014-08-27 14.24.13Who am I? My name is Kathryn Eriksen and I am known as the Story Alchemist. I have used the Story Alchemy process in my own life. I went from a stressed out, angry and slightly depressed attorney to the person you see today. Happy, joyful and at peace with my mission in life.

How about you? Can you look in the mirror and say the same things about yourself and your life?

Perhaps it is time to step back and realign your thinking. Your current situation was created by your present mindset. To change your situation, you have to change your mind about it.

Not sure what I am talking about? It’s not mysterious or a secret…but there are proven techniques and tools you can use to change your thinking and your life. 

I have even created a story about how it works! I am about to release my latest book, called Heart Dancing: A Story Alchemy Adventure. CoverAlthough fictional, it clearly demonstrates how people get stuck in their own stories and can’t see the harm it causes to those around them. Fortunately, there is a way out if you are willing to give up the need to be right.

Heart Dancing will soon be available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. To be notified of its release date and to capture some of the specials that I will offer, please provide your best email address below.  Until then, be well!