Happiness. Peace. Self-Love.

You don’t have to wait

  • …for the right time,
  • …the perfect scenario, or
  • …for someone else’s permission to connect with your divine nature.

I know that you have a desire to connect with your spirit. The only thing is…

  • you might not know how or where to start;
  • you’re struggling to keep your head above water; or
  • you’re wondering, “Is this all there is?”

Your divinity is calling you. What is your answer?

“Kathryn’s message is divinely inspired. I have witnessed her devotion to bringing this message through, in profound and life-changing ways. She is serving a greater spirit, as she helps so many on their own journeys, their own path to their brightest and best. What a gift!” ~ Julianna Ricci, Energy Coach and Healer, MSc

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kathryn Eriksen through her work with “Heart Dancing” and I can say with unreserved certainty that she is a true inspiration. It not just the way she approaches spirituality – with a deep respect for doctrine that makes perfect room for individual discovery – it’s the way she lives it. 

Kathy is a compassionate and caring person, smart beyond compare, and your life will be forever changed for knowing her.” ~ Claudia Luiz, PsyaD, Author of “Where’s My Sanity?”

kathrynI’m Kathryn Eriksen; a former lawyer who journeyed on the road less traveled to embrace my passion as an author, transformational-change speaker/trainer, and Story Alchemist with a Phd in Heart Dancing. I help people who’ve tried everything else, joined every program, and signed up for every mailing list…open their hearts, rejuvenate their souls, and embark on an empowered path to happiness.

My message:  You are divine. You’ve simply forgotten.

I am passionate about being the spark to awaken your soul to your unique magnificence. My passion is to spread the transformational message of inner peace and happiness to as many souls as I can during my lifetime. I’m a lifelong teacher and I serve my students in the following ways:

  • I create: Transformational and life-changing meditations.
  • I write books that share the spiritual message that you are loved more than you could ever imagine.
  • I host: A spirit-led radio show called the Heart Dancing Radio Show.
  • I blog: About spirituality, self-discovery, and positive thinking. In my blog I also provide creative strategies you can use to shift your thinking to experience more joy, happiness, and love in your life.

Want to start creating change in your life today?

Download my free e-book: Story Alchemy, The 4 Steps to transformation through your story.

Why wait?

You can start to experience the art of Heart Dancing, discover inner peace, and travel on an empowered journey now.

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