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Heart Dancing Radio Show – how to align the messages from your mind with the music of your heart.

For those of you not familiar with Heart Dancing – it is a process of unlearning the world’s messages and remembering your authentic self.

When you listen to the world’s definition of happiness + success – at some point you realize you will never be happy following those rules.


Heart Dancing is a way to return to your S.O.U.L (source of unconditional love). The Heart Dancing Mantra is: Let.Love.Lead – you will understand that as you join me in the dance. Love knows the way – you just have to follow. Like a dance…

How Did An Actress Energize the Law of Attraction?

I have to share a quick story. I have been a student of positive psychology, mindfulness, and meditation for many years. Whenever someone would teach about the Law of Attraction, however, my mind immediately shut down, because it always seemed too good to be true.

I am supposed to see myself driving a brand new car and poof! It will be sitting in my garage? That seemed a bit of a stretch.

The visualization step would always trip me up. I was told to visualize my heart’s desire, feel as if it was already here, and step back into my world knowing that it was on its way.

Someone forgot to place the order because my new Benz never showed up!

I was missing a key piece of information. The one data point that cleared up my confusion and allowed me to clearly and intentionally create.

But how do you energize your intentions with emotions that are authentic enough to communicate with the Universe?

Enter Jennifer Grace, stage left. 

Jennifer discovered the missing ingredient, and she tells us about it during this 20-minute interview. Her background as a professional actress, her ability to clearly teach these concepts and her passion for sharing are almost tangible. Jennifer wrote Directing Your Destiny, and created a powerful 4 week course to show you how to become the writer, producer, and director of your dreams.

I became a student of Directing Your Destiny and had many “aha” moments. I felt so strongly about Directing Your Destiny that I became one of Jennifer’s first Certified Coach in this material! My next class starts on January 14, 2018 – it runs for 4 weeks.To learn more, please schedule a 15 minute interview with me to see if this class is a good fit.

Just go to: or check out the course description here:

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance.

Jennifer Grace Knows How to Direct Your Destiny

Jennifer Grace is a Hay House author, transformational coach, actress, screenwriter and producer. To say that she lives on the creative side of life is an understatement.

I first met Jennifer when I took her online course, Directing Your Destiny. The powerful tools and processes that I learned have changed my life. I feel so strongly that everyone should know this material that I became a Certified Directing Your Destiny Coach. (Heads up: my first class starts October 3rd!)

I wanted you to hear Jennifer as she describes her journey, her struggles and her triumphs. She has been in the trenches and lifted herself up with many of the same tools that she shares in Directing Your Destiny.

Jennifer was gracious enough to appear on Heart Dancing Radio. This special interview provides a glimpse of her passion, determination and motivation to serve others.

Please join us in this very enlightening conversation.


It’s just another step in the Heart Dance!

How to Heal Your Body


According to Dixie Bennett, my guest on Heart Dancing Radio, your body acts as an energy transference vehicle. It’s almost as if your body is a filing system for everything you experience – emotional, physical, and spiritual. When strong energy is felt in your body and you hold onto it, you eventually create an “energy cyst.” The body can no longer hold onto that energy and it becomes dis-eased.

Dixie lived through chronic pain for most of her life, until she discovered Somoto Emotional Release. Listen carefully when she describes how this method helped ease her chronic pain and bring her body back to life. Dixie even did a quick release on me!

It’s best for you to listen to how she moved through the pain and into the freedom that she now enjoys. She began her own bodywork healing practice and is passionate about working with people struggling with chronic pain.  She uses various healing processes from the inside out, that are gentle, non-invasive, yet highly effective treatments. is where you will find Dixie on the net.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3!

How to Thrive During Chaos: Advice from a Results Coach

If you are experiencing angst or anxiety because of the Presidential election, this episode will give you a simple 3 step process to find peace. Instead of going to your “ugly corner,” you can use the 3 steps to see the situation in a new way. The focus changes from “Why is this happening?” to “What can I do to move toward what I want?” Instead of victim thinking, you see yourself and the circumstances from an expanded viewpoint that empowers you to move forward positively and proactively.

JoAnne-MarceauJoAnne Marceau is a Results Coach and she has helped many people during the primary and the election season, to move through their pain to find peace. There is a threshold moment when your life can change. When you become aware of the uncertainty, pause at the threshold and ask a powerful question, positive action toward your next best option is waiting. 

It’s all about turning chaos into growth opportunities. That is music to my ears, because that is exactly what Heart Dancers do — instead of listening to all the negative noise, we make a different choice and Let.Love.Lead. It makes all the difference in how you feel, how you see yourself in the world and your responses to external circumstances.

You can learn more about JoAnne at or on Facebook at @jmarceaucoaching.

Please join us in the timely conversation.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3!

You Create Your Body, Moment by Moment

Your body is a reflection of your inner life. If you have held onto strong emotions and pushed them down, it will show up in your body. If you ignore old wounds and lock them away from your awareness, your body still stores that energy. Sheryl SittsYou may experience dis-ease, which is really your body telling you that something should be acknowledged.

Who do you turn to for help? My guest on Heart Dancing Radio may have some answers.

Sheryl Sitts is a certified Transformation Coach, Holisitic LIght-Color-Sound Practitioner and the founder of Journey of Possibilities, a holistic spiritual community. Sheryl believes that we all have a light that heals us, we just have to be open to access it. You will love her light-hearted attitude about living a full life with grace and ease.

One of my favorite quotes from this interview is: “We ask for these trials so we can evolve to be the divine in human skin.” That is Sheryl’s focus – the evolution of divinity as expressed by humanity. 

Please join us in this conversation and celebrate the journey!

FYI: There is a short break in the conversation around 12:58 minutes, but hang in there. It doesn’t last long and the remaining interview will rock your world 🙂 !

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3!


Start 2017 with the Power of Practice

The Power of Practice

Julianna Ricci Best Selling Author

We are at the edge of a brand new year, with all that implies – resolutions, renewal and rejuvenation. My special guest is Julianna Ricci, an energy coach, healer and now bestselling author.

Her book, “The Power of Practice: Spiritual Laws for an Extraordinary You” is the perfect place to begin your New Year. Teaching how to navigate spiritual laws in a fun and practical way is Julianna’s gift to the world. Many of the practices are taken directly from her private coaching practice, where she has helped musicians, writers, CEOs and social impact entrepreneurs. You can actually feel her energy as you read the book!

During this episode of Heart Dancing Radio, we talk about a wide range of subjects, including how to show up authentically, why we are so drawn to our work and how to help others. Julianna has a gift of explaining spiritual concepts in a way that is easily digestible, understandable and practical. The end result is that you begin to see your own spiritual gifts more clearly. It’s the Power of Practice set in motion in your life!

Link to 30 Minute Session

Click here to schedule a free 30 minute session!

As a special offer to the Heart Dancing Tribe, Julianna or her business partner, Sara, will provide a free 30 minute session. Just click on the link to sign up and set an appointment!

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance >3.




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